We help companies succeed in the digital economy,

growing customers, markets, and products.

The digital economy isn’t about technology…
It’s about business strategy supported by the right digital tools.

Sound Digital Business Strategy

Expertly position your company in the digital economy by understanding your customers, products, and markets. Turn your traditional business into a digital innovator.

Effective Technological Tools

Bring new efficiency to your company with up-to-date integrated cloud based technical systems. Understand and maximize the value of your data.

Digitally-Enabled Processes

Pivot into new markets and attract new customers with business digital business models.. Unlock growth and improve your bottom line.

Let’s talk about how to improve your business… 

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We bring companies digital success… 

  1. Discovery

    We learn your products, customers, and markets. 

  2. Innovation

    We help to unlock digital innovation within your company

  3. Implementation

    We plan and help to guide each transformation with agile implementation 

  4. Digital Maturity and Success

Our Approach

Adding immense value to your company, the dprism team is made up of former C-Suite executives who use their expertise and experience to create digital growth. We work with your company or organization to assess your digital potential and implement changes to achieve that potential. We believe that your business can be as nimble as any start-up. 

We Work With

We work with midsized to enterprise organizations in a variety of industries. The dprism team has a diverse background from tech start-ups to publishing and we draw upon this varied experience during each digital transformation. We work with clients in publishing, Higher Education services, the Legal profession, Bio-Medical Research, B2B data, trade organizations, think tanks, and more… 

Our Results

Bottom line growth, we bring each of our clients bottom line growth. We deliver improved market share, quicker and more effective time to market, and a more agile business to respond to market changes. We enable your company to thrive during the next decade of digital disruption.