Platforms for growth: Business models for a digital world
August 15, 2019

Platforms for growth: Business models for a digital world Jonathan Murray August 15, 2019 There is an increasing understanding that driving future sustainable growth in the transformed digital economy requires us to think differently about the structure, operations and product strategy of our businesses. The label for this new approach is a “platform business model.”

Five keys to a modern operating model
February 7, 2019

Ask a dozen consultants what the term “digital transformation” means and you’ll likely get a dozen different answers. The term has become so overused and so lacking in definition it has become meaningless. This lack of clarity is problematic for senior executives charged with leading their organizations through increasingly challenging times.

Science societies should look to the past for their new operating model
October 5, 2018

Science societies should look to the past for their new… Jonathan Murray October 5, 2018 The form and purpose of the modern scientific membership society is based on a template created by the guild system of early and late middle-ages Europe and the foundation of the Royal Society in England in 1660. The concept was

Three keys to sustainable (software) development
July 26, 2018

Three keys to sustainable (software) development Jonathan Murray July 26, 2018 Executives making substantial investments in new technology platforms and capabilities have a not-unreasonable expectation that their investments will have a lifespan of over a decade or more. This is particularly true for leaders of organizations whose businesses are not rooted in the constant change

Is your future ‘serverless’?
May 24, 2018

Is your future ‘serverless’? Jonathan Murray May 24, 2018 Is your future ‘serverless’? Few aspects of business confound and irritate senior executives more than the IT’s addiction to trends, buzzwords and impenetrable acronyms, the seemingly endless complexity of the organization’s IT landscape, the resulting growth of technology budgets and ultimately – despite all of that

It’s not about digital
March 15, 2018

It’s not about digital Jonathan Murray March 15, 2018 When the internet emerged as a new channel for content providers many publishing companies created “new media” divisions. Online distribution was seen as something new and “other,” requiring a distinct operating model that would insulate the core business from these risky innovations. Today, of course, that’s

The third wave: Amazon’s new cloud services deeply disrupt traditional IT
December 4, 2017

The third wave: Amazon’s new cloud services deeply disrupt… Jonathan Murray December 4, 2017 Amazon’s announcements at re:Invent, its 2017 developer conference in Las Vegas last week, define the beginning of new era in IT. The company announced a raft of new managed services that enable customers to focus on extracting business value from their

Moving toward the Composable Enterprise
July 10, 2017

Moving toward the Composable Enterprise Jonathan Murray July 10, 2017 We at dPrism are often asked to summarize our approach to digital transformation in the enterprise. While specific technologies continue to rapidly evolve, this article, written by CTO Jonathan Murray, remains as relevant today as when it was originally published in 2013.

The Composable Enterprise™
April 19, 2015

The Composable Enterprise™ Jonathan Murray April 19, 2015 We have witnessed a major shift over recent decades towards a digital services based economy [1] . Exponential growth in the power of information technology enhanced by Internet driven network effects mean that even the most mundane manufactured products are seen as just one component of a broader digital services based value chain.