How does your organization compare?  

Take the Digital Prism Digital Maturity Assessment (DDMI) and discover your organization’s digital opportunities across 7 essential functional and operational areas. Pinpoint trends, identify market pain points, and shift your business strategy for future growth. Tailored for senior-level executives, the DDMI is 100% FREE and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. 

Based on our analysis of research reports from the MIT Center for Information Systems Research, and guided by MIT research fellow and dPrism executive-in-residence Matt Loeb, the DDMI has been progressively evolving over the last five years, with data collected since its inception in 2016 being used to benchmark.

Want to view a sample? Click here to download a sample DDMI report.

What you’ll get with the DDMI:

Custom insights

Get a custom report comparing your digital strengths and weaknesses relative to other organizations across the broader business landscape, enabling you to better visualize where you stand on the digital maturity scale.

Actionable recommendations

Take advantage of 3 actionable recommendations that you can apply immediately to begin the process of accelerating your digital capabilities for real growth and competitive advantage.

Comparative benchmarks

You’ll also receive a free MIT Sloan Cetner Informatio Systems Research Report, revealing how digital-savvy organizations are achieving real results in their markets across the KPIs of revenue growth, ROA, net margins, market cap, and enterprise value.