Our approach is simple: #WGSD – We Get Stuff Done.*


Consultants like to toss around terms like “digital transformation,” “strategic guidance” and “vision.”


It’s tempting to ask: “Yes, but what do you actually DO?”


We are a small group of former C-level operators who help clients identify, plan and execute digital business strategies that open up new markets, more deeply engage customers and inspire compelling new services. We then support them in planning, managing and carrying out complex digital initiatives.


We can handle any size of digital engagement, from a short-term business analysis to a large-scale development initiative. Our particular sweet spots include content strategy, data-driven marketing, technology planning and workflow and business analysis. We help for-profit companies and nonprofits alike (their challenges and solutions are more alike than you may realize).


What’s most important is that we provide immediate and continuous value, by working in well-defined increments, with clear deliverables, at a fixed upfront price.


That’s why, with dPrism, you get C-level expertise at lower-risk and quicker return.


The digital economy isn’t about technology. It’s about having a smart business strategy supported by the right digital tools.


But mainly it’s about getting stuff done.


How good are we? Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) puts us in the 95th percentile of professional services organizations – which means our clients overwhelmingly say they would recommend dPrism to others.


Because #WGSD.


*We’re using the word “stuff” because we are polite people, especially among folks we’ve yet to meet. So reach out to us below and let’s get acquainted.