A few of our latest success stories

Organization DescriptionTransformation OpportunityResult
Medium-sized professional associationdPrism was retained to improve the membership value proposition, by giving them a more personalized, valuable experience.The organization is now building a powerful new data services platform that will allow 360-degree awareness of members’ organization engagement, interests, event participation, site usage and continuing education status.
Professional society with multiple departments that each engage directly with membersdPrism was asked to help the organization overcome content chaos and messaging madnessdPrism designed and implemented a new, federated content governance process, including a centralized team that ensures uniform quality and streamlines messaging to members. The result: Members will no longer be bombarded with emails; the organization speaks with a single voice; messages are more targeted and of higher quality.
Medium-sized business-to-business publisherdPrism was brought in to explore how to derive higher user value and efficiency from a portfolio of niche publications in a single professional field, all with separate technology platforms and workflowsdPrism used user-centered design techniques to develop personas and user needs, which led to recommendations for a new user experience, technology platform and workflow that will give subscribers one-tap access to premium content from multiple titles based on their interests, reading habits and geography
A premier global valuation and corporate finance consulting firmdPrism was engaged to advise on how to transform a premium print publications business into a digital toolset embedded directly into customer workflows.dPrism conducted extensive customer interviews, persona development and business model analysis to identify multiple opportunities for transformation and execution.
A premier membership trade organization with over 80,000 members nation wide. dPrism was asked to make content and professional resources more discoverable and relevant for members.With a technology partner, dPrism developed and implemented a dynamic and personalized content recommendation engine, which delivers content based upon a user’s location, interests, activities and other adjustable settings.

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