Create experiences that drive results

Businesses are under increasing pressure to strengthen the core of their existing systems while building for the future. We work with organizations to develop robust plans to promote digital innovation, engage stakeholders and accelerate new product launches – all while building your team’s capabilities so they can apply our methodologies well into the future.


Build modern product and program management skills and organizational capabilities to accelerate product and service development and delivery.




Conduct customer-validated research to align strategy and business plans to changing customer needs. Integrate customer feedback into product planning and digital innovation processes.




Design and execute innovative data strategies that allow for the rapid creation of new data-based businesses, products and services.


Determine buyer/user personas and journeys

Solidify business plans (positioning, distribution, profitability analysis, pricing, etc.)   

Forecast demand, sales, market position and disruptors

Feature definition – verified by a customer feedback loop


Implement our 360-degree approach to create experiences that delight, engage, satisfy – and grow – your customers

Create the right journeys and develop next-level data-gathering capabilities that will give you critical visibility into customer behaviors and actions

Gain a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and how they interact with you at every touch-point


Identify sources of key data required to meet defined strategic business objectives and operational product and service delivery goals

Define policies relating to rights of access to data and assignment of responsibility

Implement the required technical landscape to ensure compliant data management

“In today’s competitive environment it is essential to obtain deep customer insight and use it to drive product innovation.”

– Len Gilbert, COO, dPrism


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