The dPrism Difference

Experienced Operating Executives

As former C-level operators, we have decades of experience in technology strategy and implementation, marketing, content strategy, business analysis and customer relations management.

Continuous Value Delivery

We operate on a fixed-price basis and deliver measurable value in steady, iterative phases, starting within the first three months.

Engaged Customer Experiences

We put your audience at the center of your data, technology and content universe, which is key to driving business vision, strategy and innovation. Your business success, and ours, depends on it.

Satisfied Clients

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) puts us in the 95th percentile of professional services organizations. In plain English: Our clients overwhelmingly say they would recommend dPrism to others.

Latest from the dBrief

Mapping the elusive 360⁰ customer experience

Imagine a complete view of every digital interaction you have with your customer. Imagine every step of the customer journey feeding data into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database, powered by a marketing automation platform able to send personalized messages through your website, email, social, sales and service representative...


What’s next in enterprise technology? Get ready for Anything (as a Service)

One of the biggest challenges businesses face in their ongoing digital transformation efforts is modernizing core legacy systems. Quite often these systems are highly customized. They’re also running older versions of software, which can be inflexible and costly. When cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) computing first emerged a decade ago,...


Using data to improve your products—four innovative approaches

We’ve heard “data is the new oil” so often it seems like it’s time to move on to “XXXX is the new data.” But the statement is more valid than ever. And, unlike black gold, virtually everyone has data in their backyard, just waiting to be mined. Below are four great examples of companies and nonprofits that are identifying interesting data and...