Did you know that organizations with a greater depth of digital savviness outperform industry peers by 26%

Pinpoint your organization’s “digital maturity” in just 15 minutes!

We help clients reinvent their business.

We build on our deep, hands-on operational experience to help clients identify and deliver growth opportunities and the digital-ready culture required for success. We do this by using innovative, agile operating principles and modern product management methods and technology architectures. 


Maximize shareholder and stakeholder value by building a digital-ready culture empowered to achieve visionary, yet practical results.


Capture market opportunities and differentiated value through digital product innovation and customer engagement strategies with lasting impact.


Strengthen your core operations and systems while building for the future to drive profitability and efficiency.


Identify market opportunities

Redefine business strategies

Evolve organizational culture


Pinpoint product opportunities

Transform client experiences

Optimize technology and data


Identify market opportunities

Redefine business strategies

Evolve organizational culture


HEARING THE VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER: How we helped a leading global 50
law firm launch its first-ever client outreach program



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In case you haven’t noticed, your customers are working differently since February 2020, and as a result their needs have changed. This is especially true if you are a for-profit or nonprofit organization that provides value to knowledge workers. They may be the same...

Case Study: Marketing Automation

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Whitepaper: Now’s the Time to Check Your Digital Posture

Covid-19 is not the first massively disruptive event we have had to navigate, and it will certainly not be the last. But what we are now managing makes clear that the maturity of an organization’s digital posture directly impacts its resilience and ability to adapt...

“dPrism used their extensive operational experience to provide us with highly actionable guidance and delivered on-time and on-budget results. They were a great partner to work with and I’m certain that I will engage them again for future projects.”

– EVO, Marketing and Business Development

“dPrism’s outside-in approach to product management helped us to quickly create an entirely new offering that has tripled revenue and improved customer satisfaction.”

– Chief Information Officer

“RPA is hard. dPrism helped us understand the opportunity, get our pilot up and running, and gave us the help we needed to take it from here.”  

– Chief Information Officer

“By partnering with dPrism, we rigorously and objectively evaluated different options and eventually selected a platform that became a starting point for the firm’s marketing technology transformation.” 

– John Rojo, Head of Marketing Strategy and Operations, Morrison & Foerster LLP

“dPrism’s practical and insightful guidance helped us improve both our sales recruitment and training process. We keep working with dPrism because they get stuff done!” 

– Chief Executive Officer

“dPrism’s pragmatic and operational focus helped us win approval for a VOC pilot and then evolve that pilot into a successful ongoing VOC program.”

– Chief Marketing Officer

“dPrism taught us to be agile. We now are able to bring our products to market much faster and more effectively.” 

– Chief Executive Officer

"The effort we did on our Strategic Plan has proven to be a great resource with management, staff and peers. It really has helped us clearly articulate 'who we are' and 'what we do' along with the identification of top priorities.”

– dPrism Client

“We got way more than we expected…” 

– The Gordian Group

“Digital Prism is a rare find in the consulting industry; a firm that delivers, right away, and provides significant thought leadership. Effective at all levels!” 

– Digital Prism Client

“dPrism was an invaluable partner that ensured the firm did not get stuck with a shiny new technology as the best answer to our marketing automation gap.”

– John Rojo, Marketing Strategy and Operations, Morrison & Foerster LLP

“Digital Prism Advisors has helped our organization to be on a clear path to the future.” 

– Digital Prism Client