Becoming a Digital First Organization Case Study on ipad

Case Study: Becoming a Digital-First Organization

When the AIA received member feedback that their digital presence was lacking, the leadership team embarked on a multi-year plan to reinvent themselves.

This transformation included a new approach in the way the organization interacts with members, develops new products and services, and provides overarching value.

Learn how this iconic and innovative organization worked with dPrism to reinvent itself to embrace technology and gain insights to the steps they took to grow their value in the marketplace, discover new revenue opportunities, and become more relevant in its industry than ever before.

What’s inside this case study:

How to build an empowered and aligned culture

Learn how the AIA developed a new approach for setting its annual strategic objectives by dismantling of silos that inhibited staff from working together.  

Why insights should power strategic decisions

Discover why customer and member insights were so important to the AIA in developing their new content, marketing automation, and personalization strategies.


How platform-based technology improves operations

Learn how shifting to a platform-based technology strategy can underpin operations throughout an organization and why that moves the needle over time.